About Us

Never wonder what to do today again. Whether you’re looking to get crafty, host an epic party, make a cool recipe or be low key chill at home, we’ve got the ultimate guide for making today – or any day – the best day of the week.

From wine tastings to water balloon fights – just choose your adventure and we’ll share our guide for what you’ll need and how you’ll do it. Each idea comes with a playlist and cocktail pairing – we’ve got the whole package.

We’re three best friends from Toronto and fun is our mission. Welcome to Best Day of the Week.

Vanessa likes to organize things, which she gets to do often working in public relations. She prefers Christmas over summer, eats way too many bananas, spends an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest and has a borderline unhealthy obsession with sea turtles.
Rachel is a hair stylist and make-up artist with a knack for photography. She is a DIY queen and always takes our Sunday Funday crafts to the next level. She’s never in a bad mood, gets anxiety during Jenga and takes Halloween way too seriously.
Alyssa is an illustrator with a background in food and beverage. When she’s not getting crafty or mixing cocktails you can often find her off on an adventure somewhere. She has level three Sommelier training, a thing for hiking, drinks Jameson on the rocks and has seen mountain gorillas in the wild.