Best Day of the Week



Que the theme to Sex and the City because we’re shaking up some Cosmos. It’s clear why the Cosmo over all other cocktails got to be in the SATC spotlight. Simply because it’s fab (with a touch being above all others), it’s pink and it’s friggin eye-catching, sounds fitting enough for the gals of SATC. This is a perfect drink to pick up your spirits or take you and your crew to a new, fab level. Get caught sipping on this in jeans, and a band tee and you’re still going to look like you got it all going on. That’s a big part of the beauty of this cocktail… it comes with an unspoken sense of eliteness. You just look elevated holding one of these. Funny enough, high society isn’t really our thing, we’re just looking for a fun night in so the only elevation we’ll be feeling is a solid buzz!


Put a couple of ice cubes into your cocktail shaker, pour the liquid ingredients over the ice. Shake vigorously  (like you just got a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s on sale) until the outside of your shaker is feeling all frosty and cool. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with orange peel.

If you’re looking for love in the city… she’ll do you just fine. Cheers!

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