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Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Dusk Til Dawn

Guys, we created the perfect Halloween cocktail. It totally rivals our Hocus Pocus Witch’s Brew from last year, which also layers oh-so-beautifully, but the colours are even spookier. We paired this bevy with our must-watch scary movie list for the month of October, and gotta say it’s a perfect match.

We know what you’re thinking: what is that black layer and how do I get my hands on it? The secret ingredient is food grade activated charcoal powder or Hounds Vodka (if you live in Canada), which is a naturally tinted black vodka. If you’re not familiar with activated charcoal it’s a fine, odourless, black powder that was initially used for treating overdoses as it absorbs toxins in the body. Now, people take activated charcoal supplements in hopes of detoxing their bodies and treating a variety of ailments, including diarrhea, gas, kidney problems, hangovers, and yellowed teeth. We like to think it also looks crazy cool in as cocktail (and can only do your body good!).

This is a simple cocktail, but it will not disappoint. It can also be made into a shot, it layers in small glasses too. It actually works really well as a shot because the vodka hits you first but the grenadine, which is super sweet, is last so it’s like the booze part never even happened (which is of course a huge danger zone risk, so drink responsibly!).

1. Start by adding grenadine to the bottom of a highball glass, until its about 1/4 inch full.

2. Next, add a couple of ice cubes to the glass.

3. Pour the OJ into the glass, leaving about 1.5 inches at the top because the most important ingredient is coming up next.

4. Slowly pour the vodka and charcoal mixture (or Hounds Vodka) over the back of a spoon so it layers at the very top.

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