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The Ultimate List of Halloween Cocktails and Shots

Dusk Til Dawn

Halloween is our all-time favourite season. Yes, we said season, because we like to think it’s more than just one day, but an entire month – much like Christmas. So you better believe we’ve developed a full arsenal of cocktails for every Halloween-esque occasion, from easy to make party drinks, to shots to more casual drinks for carving pumpkins or doing spooky crafts.

Witch’s Brew

One of our favourite Halloween cocktails of all-time. It has a beautiful ombre layered effect, giving off the spookiest of vibes. It’s also simple to make for a big group and makes for easy drinking. So easy in fact that we developed this drink to go along with our Hocus Pocus drinking game (for high-volume consumption). Think of it like the Halloween version of a Tom Collins. Grab the recipe here.

Dusk Til Dawn

Another spooky AF layered bevy you’ll love. This one is a twist on the classic Screwdriver cocktail – but better. Great for a movie night in, but easy enough to make for a gathering or party. Grab the recipe here.

The Boogie Man

We had a ton of fun recipe testing this one – a fave Best Day of the Week original. Layered shots are a great photo-worthy party trick, and this one also happens to be absolutely delicious. Grab the recipe here.

Poison Apple Martini

This spooky bevy has a secret ingredient: edible sparkles. Yup, we took a classic sour apple martini and put the perfect Halloween spin on it. Grab the recipe here.

Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Also known as a “Test Tube Baby” given the curdling appearance, this is a classic shot that always surfaces this time of year. A bit more of a commitment to get the layering affect, but it’s oh so worth it. Grab the recipe here.

Corpse Reviver No. 2

Made with Empress 1908 Gin, which is naturally indigo in colour, this classic cocktail instantly becomes spookier. Perfect for a more sophisticated dinner party of gathering. Grab the recipe here.

Trick R Treat

Another Best day of the Week original party shot. We light this one on fire before serving it up. Grab the recipe here.

Beet-le Juice

This one is made with – you guessed it – beet juice. Maybe you think that’s weird, but trust us, it’s not. Not only does the deep red colour of the beets give this bevy it’s creepy lookin’ hue, but it’s sweet earthy flavour makes it hella comforting this time of year. Grab the recipe here.

Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

When you want a pumpkin beer but don’t want to commit to having a full can or bottle, this is the bevy for you. A great companion cocktail for pumpkin carving. Grab the recipe here.

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